Board of Directors

Constantine J. Alleyne, hailed as the "Queen of the Pivot," embodies resilience and determination in every facet of her vibrant journey. With over two decades of experience as a former prison health services administrator and a distinguished career as a Senior Manager at Pratt & Whitney, Constantine's commitment to empowering professional women is a force that transcends limitations. Her multifaceted expertise extends to her role as the Founder of the Civilian Corrections Academy, where she spearheads transformative reforms within the corrections system. She is now Founder and Board Chair of the groundbreaking Kendall Wyche Foundation: Rising Above Diabetes. Constantine's magnetic energy resonates through captivating guest lectures, dynamic webinars, and expert panels at renowned small business and correctional conferences, inspiring others to break free from limiting mental constructs and pivot confidently towards their dreams.

Constantine's narrative isn't confined to boardrooms or lectures; it's woven into literary gems like "The Cage Was Her Cocoon," a profound account of her transformation from a prison administrator to an entrepreneur. Her newest releases, "Mommy Please Don't Let Me Die Here" and "Kendall's Diabetes Adventure," along with the caregiving journal "Caregiver's Corner," illuminate courage and hope. Beyond accolades like the National Honors Society and her invitation to the Connecticut Small Business Advisory Council, Constantine's recognition among the Top 100 Women Leaders of Connecticut 2022 by Women We Admire reflects her indomitable spirit and trailblazing leadership.

Constantine defies categorization, radiating wisdom and expertise wherever she steps, setting the tone with her unparalleled credibility and business acumen. She embodies empowerment and transformation, inspiring change in every sphere she touches.

LaQueta Kennedy is a highly accomplished professional with over a decade of experience in overseeing juvenile justice operations. As the Director of the Nassau County Juvenile Detention Center and the Nassau County Department of Probation, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in managing all aspects of comprehensive operational management. LaQueta's expertise extends to ensuring strict compliance with State, Federal, and Local laws, shaping policy advocacy, and strategic planning that prioritizes the health, safety, and welfare of juveniles. She has an impressive track record of improving efficiency, conducting security functions, and spearheading crisis responses.

In addition to her role as Director, LaQueta actively participates in various committees and initiatives focused on youth justice issues, such as the Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Fellows program and initiatives to build on transformative change in Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice. These engagements highlight her commitment to driving positive change in the juvenile justice system, making significant contributions to the field. She holds a Master of Social Work from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a Bachelor of Arts in World History from the University of Stony Brook, complementing her diverse skill set. With CPR/AED certification, Youth Mental Health First Aid, and expertise in cognitive-behavioral interventions, LaQueta Kennedy stands as a respected figure, positively impacting the juvenile justice system and advocating for the welfare of young individuals

Cleveland J. Linder, a man with the mind of an Engineer, the heart of a Chaplain, and the expertise of a Master's level Social Worker, has spent over 8 years bringing comfort and guidance to those facing terminal illnesses. Ordained since 2012 and a Licensed Minister since 2010, his journey began as a dedicated minister in an urban setting. Cleveland's path led him to become a Licensed Master Social Worker in 2020, where he continued to provide emotional and spiritual support to hospice patients and their families. As a devoted husband and father of two, he embodies compassion not only professionally but also in his personal life. Founder of I Am Powered LLC and soon to be the Spiritual Leader of the Kendall Wyche Foundation, Cleveland is a beacon of hope, bringing his unique blend of skills and unwavering commitment to make a difference in the lives of many.

In the tapestry of his life, Cleveland's roles as a Bereavement Coordinator, Social Work Intern, and Chaplain shine brightly, reflecting his dedication to supporting those facing the end of life's journey. Beyond his impressive credentials, he is a father who understands the importance of love, empathy, and guidance. As the founder of I Am Powered LLC, he empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength. Now, as the incoming Spiritual Leader of the Kendall Wyche Foundation, his journey comes full circle, as he continues to offer solace, wisdom, and spiritual guidance to those in need, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all he touches.

Gregson Haynes is a highly accomplished Leader with a remarkable career spanning various roles in the military and civilian sectors. Currently serving as the Commander Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) lead Maintenance Repair and Overhaul project manager in Maryland, Gregson integrates and coordinates logistical products for Naval Program management offices, Fleet Readiness Centers in the continental united states and abroad, ensuring the nation's naval assets are prepared for any challenge. With an impressive background that includes key positions at General Dynamics Information Technology and Gryphon Technologies, Inc., he has consistently demonstrated his leadership acumen, mastery of logistics, program management, and project coordination.

Gregson's thirty-year tenure in the US Navy, where he held roles such as Maintenance Master Chief and Command Master Chief, highlights his commitment to service, leadership success, and positive mission impact. His academic achievements, including a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management and Supervision, qualification as Program Management Professional further underscore his commitment to excellence and leadership in the field of logistics and management.

In addition to his military and civilian accomplishments, Gregson's educational background and diverse experience have equipped him with a unique skill set that sets him apart in the world of logistics and management. His role at the Commander Fleet Readiness Centers (COMFRC) reflects his exceptional leadership and strategic acumen, making him a valuable asset to any organization fortunate enough to have him on board.

Dr. Catherine Latoya Grant-Alston, known as “The Queen Treasurer,” is a globally recognized entrepreneur, executive for a fortune 300 company, 2x Amazon #1 best-selling author, certified life coach, and co-host of the internationally streamed podcast Kingdom Treasures. Catherine is the CEO of ART Financial Solutions, LLC, which offers financial consulting for businesses, emphasizing strategic planning and treasury technology. She is the Co-Founder of Alston Kingdom (Kingdom Treasures), a lifestyle brand that champions love, family, and business in the Black community, aiming to boost financial and generational wealth.

Educated with a BS in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, and an honorary doctorate in Christian Education, Catherine has over 20+ years of experience in finance. As a Senior Director of Global Cash Operations, she oversees the strategic planning of $16 billion revenue while streamlining processes and implementing world-class systems. Her expertise has won awards such as the TMI Innovation and Excellence Corporate Recognition and the Alexander Hamilton Award for Technology Excellence.

Raised witnessing poverty's impact, Catherine is committed to public service, particularly youth financial literacy. Her dedication has earned accolades like the ACHI 2021 Orator of the Year and 100 Women of Color. As an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, she's served various community programs and boards, emphasizing financial education and community growth.

Catherine lives in Connecticut with her husband and 2 children.

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