Field of Dreams

Athletes Unite for Diabetes


A groundbreaking initiative crafted to empower student athletes navigating diabetes. We believe in fostering a nurturing ecosystem that champions every athlete’s aspirations, ensuring diabetes doesn’t dim their potential in sports or life.

Field of Dreams transcends mere support; it’s a crusade committed to arming student athletes with diabetes with the resources, mentorship, and confidence to thrive athletically and beyond. By blending education, resources, and a network of compassionate coaches and teams, we aim to shatter barriers and redefine athletic excellence in the face of diabetes.

Come join us in forging a dynamic alliance among coaches, teams, and student athletes managing diabetes. Through tailored workshops, informative materials, and access to diabetes management experts, Field of Dreams empowers coaches and teams with the know-how and tools to uplift and embolden student athletes effectively.

This rain or shine event will include simultaneous tracks; educational seminars for caregivers and sporting challenges for the children.

Registration is free and includes access to all activities, speakers, and the resource fair.

Our ambition is clear and impactful—to cultivate an environment where student athletes feel empowered, supported, and embraced. Together, let’s ensure diabetes serves as a catalyst, propelling their passion for sports and fortifying their determination to excel both on and off the field.

Join the Field of Dreams movement today and be part of a nurturing community devoted to empowering student athletes, enabling them to conquer diabetes while chasing their athletic aspirations.

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