Get Involved


Offer your time and skills to support foundation initiatives. This could involve assisting in events, fundraising activities, educational workshops, or administrative tasks.

Financial contributions help sustain the foundation’s programs, aid in providing resources, scholarships, and essential diabetic care supplies to those in need.

Awareness Campaigns:

Spread the word about the foundation’s mission and initiatives. Engage with social media campaigns, share educational content, and advocate for diabetes awareness in your community.

Event Participation:

Join or organize events hosted by the Kendall Wyche Foundation. Whether it’s a fundraising gala, educational seminar, or community gathering, your presence and support make a difference.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

If you represent an organization, consider partnering with the foundation. Collaborations can amplify impact and reach more individuals affected by diabetes.

Skill Sharing:

Do you have specific skills or expertise that could benefit the foundation? Offer your professional knowledge in areas such as marketing, healthcare, event planning, or fundraising strategies.

Community Engagement:

Engage your local community by organizing awareness events, educational sessions, or fundraising drives in support of the foundation’s cause.

Remember, getting involved doesn’t always mean a significant commitment. Small actions, like sharing information on social media or attending a local event, contribute to raising awareness and supporting the foundation’s mission.

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