Founder's Story

Resilience, Empathy, and Dedication.

In the resounding story of Constantine Alleyne, the Founder of The Kendall Wyche Foundation, lies a narrative woven with resilience, empathy, and an steadfast dedication to marginalized voices. As a single mother, Constantine epitomizes strength—her academic prowess and professional journey paint a canvas of dogged determination. Her chapters echo a multifaceted career—former prison health services administrator and a relentless advocate for inmate health services and marginalized communities for two decades. Her compass of compassion guided her as a residential director for those battling mental illnesses and as a guiding light within domestic violence shelters.

Constantine’s journey, etched with challenges and triumphs, found its catalyst in her daughter Kendall’s spirited battle with type 1 diabetes. It was this defining moment that propelled Constantine—a visionary leader—to channel her professional acumen, coupled with her profound personal experiences, into birthing The Kendall Wyche Foundation. Her story transcends accomplishments; it embodies a narrative of empowerment, echoing her unwavering commitment to crafting a world where every marginalized voice finds solace, every individual receives resolute support, and every heart touched by adversity discovers unyielding hope within her foundation’s embrace.


Kendall Wyche Foundation

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Whether you seek knowledge, support, or a place to share your story, the Kendall Wyche Foundation welcomes you with open arms. Together, let’s empower, educate, and thrive in our collective pursuit of a brighter, more informed tomorrow.