Enriched Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes


An initiative by the Kendall Wyche Foundation that embodies a holistic approach to diabetes education and support. By partnering with chefs and nutritionists, we transcend the notion of healthy eating as merely a necessity, showcasing its delicious possibilities. Through engaging culinary events, we aim to enlighten parents, caregivers, and children about type 1 diabetes, proving that healthy choices can tantalize the taste buds.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the kitchen. We strive to educate coaches and classmates, fostering a supportive environment for student athletes navigating type 1 diabetes. Funds raised through our initiatives fuel a multi-faceted approach. They provide free access to crucial diabetes literature, assist in procuring essential diabetic care supplies, and pave the way for educational scholarships.

The educational scholarships not only alleviate financial barriers but also recognize and reward the resilience and dedication of student athletes managing their condition effectively, maintaining their A1C levels below 8. Our goal is to empower these individuals, offering them opportunities to pursue their educational aspirations while excelling in managing their health.

By integrating education, nutrition, support, and financial aid, the E.A.T. initiative represents our unwavering commitment to creating a well-rounded support system for the diabetes community, fostering empowerment and encouraging a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Kendall Wyche Foundation

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