Diabetes Empowerment Network


Join our exclusive Diabetes Empowerment Network (D.E.N.)—a monthly subscription offering that provides members with a comprehensive toolkit, personalized support, and exclusive access to resources tailored for individuals affected by diabetes.

Membership Benefits

Access to a private online community/forum connecting members with peers, healthcare professionals, and diabetes educators for ongoing support, advice, and encouragement.

Monthly curated content including e-books, webinars, and expert interviews covering diverse topics on diabetes management, nutrition, mental health, and fitness.

Receive a curated box of wellness items, diabetic-friendly snacks, educational materials, and tools designed to support your diabetes journey.

Invitations to members-only events, workshops, and seminars featuring renowned speakers, experts, and athletes sharing insights on thriving with diabetes.

Quarterly one-on-one consultations with a diabetes educator or nutritionist to address individual concerns, provide guidance, and tailor advice to personal health goals.

Exclusive discounts on diabetic care supplies, wellness products, fitness memberships, and partner offerings.

Acknowledgment and recognition as a valued supporter of the foundation’s initiatives, making a tangible impact on the diabetes community.

Monthly Subscription Fee

A monthly subscription fee ensures ongoing support and access to these exclusive benefits, with different tiers available for varying levels of engagement and resources.

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