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Mommy Please Don’t Let Me Die Here: Soft Cover


But this book offers more than just an emotional journey; it’s a toolkit for empowerment. Seamlessly woven into the narrative are carefully curated tools for parents and caregivers, including a comprehensive diabetes financial management worksheet, a roadmap for diabetes management (the K-Map), a pledge uniting children and parents, and a monthly planner to help organize life around diabetes. Each page resonates with the power of resilience and the determination to thrive despite the odds. This book promises to inspire, empower, and equip readers with the tools they need to face Type 1 Diabetes head-on. As readers turn the pages, they’ll find not only the courage to persevere but also a newfound sense of strength, knowing they are not alone in this battle. “Mommy Please Don’t Let Me Die Here” is more than a book; it’s a lifeline, a source of hope, and a testament to the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, poised to make its mark as a bestseller in the world of diabetes management and self-care.

Customer Reviews


"These books changed our lives! 'Mommy Please Don't Let Me Die Here' and 'Kendall's Diabetes Adventures' are more than stories; they're lifelines. They helped us navigate the complexities of type 1 diabetes with newfound strength and understanding. Thank you for empowering us!"


"I can't express enough gratitude for 'Caregiver's Corner: Nurturing You.' As a caregiver, this journal became my sanctuary. It's not just about caregiving; it's a journey to self-care and resilience. The Kendall Wyche Foundation doesn't just offer resources; it nurtures souls."

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