Signed Collector’s Edition: A Limited Edition Bundle


A limited edition bundle with signed copies of all three books

Introducing our ‘Signed Collector’s Edition’ bundle – a treasure trove for true connoisseurs of inspiration! Immerse yourself in the world of profound insights, personally signed by the author herself. Each book is a masterpiece of wisdom and authenticity, beautifully packaged in an exclusive collector’s box. Elevate your reading experience and own a piece of literary history. Limited copies available, so seize this unique opportunity!


Customer Reviews


"These books changed our lives! 'Mommy Please Don't Let Me Die Here' and 'Kendall's Diabetes Adventures' are more than stories; they're lifelines. They helped us navigate the complexities of type 1 diabetes with newfound strength and understanding. Thank you for empowering us!"


"I can't express enough gratitude for 'Caregiver's Corner: Nurturing You.' As a caregiver, this journal became my sanctuary. It's not just about caregiving; it's a journey to self-care and resilience. The Kendall Wyche Foundation doesn't just offer resources; it nurtures souls."

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